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PASTOR JIM GARLOW, skyline church

"We had such a tremendous time of ministry at Skyline Wesleyan church in LaMesa!  This is what Pastor Jim Garlow put on Facebook regarding what he witnessed:


"Danny Bohi preached yesterday. His third time at Skyline. He is one of the most unconventional & most anointed preachers!


Some who came for the 8:30am service came back for the 10:30am service.  And people who came to those services flocked back at 6pm for a 2½+ hour service. They could not get enough of Jesus! I lost count of how many invitations he gave for various aspects of our Christian life.  The entire church kept coming forward. Aisles jammed all the way to the back. Powerful!


And...Not "emotional."  Just solid biblical truth.  Rock solid teaching!  No "mood music."  No yelling & screaming & pacing & sweating. None of the flamboyant!  None!  Just solid Bible!


And ...gutsy sermons. So transparent & honest. Made people feel safe.  Even when he called on all persons to stand whose marriages were in trouble, or for persons addicted to porn to stand, people knew this environment was safe. And stand they did.  And God touched them!


When people are honest, God can change them!


And people were saved, sanctified (now there's a word no one uses anymore!?  Died to self!), healed (approx 300 physically healed (and no hype!  Just faith.) & delivered (yes - delivered from demonic afflictions. Jesus called it that - so we can too.) What was it like?  Like the New Testament!  Like Jesus!"


Pastor Jim

Skyline Church

La Mesa, CA

To your Ministering Team:

Thank you for coming to Santa Rosa and ministering. During the service I asked Jesus to heal my eyes. When taking the eye exam at the DMV the first time, I failed. I could not read a single letter.

The Ophthalmologist said I had 20/70 vision in both eyes. So after praying for healing, I went back to the DMV to take the test a second time. I read every letter clearly and perfectly. I now have 20/20 vision. Even the examiner said, "Your eyesight is better than mine!"

How can I say thanks for the things He has done for me? Things so undeserved, yet He gave to prove His love for me. The voices of a million angels could not express my gratitude!

All that I am, and ever hope to be, I owe it all to Him.

Thank you for your ministry. I hope to see you all next year.

~Jane Allee

Greetings brother, this is Dona Scott.


I want to thank you for coming to the Nazarene Church, and on a personal note: thank you for praying for my healing.


Last Sunday, I went to the Nazarene Church in Novato, and Angel joined me. We had a healing service and I gave my testimony and showed everyone the cane I don’t need!!!


This Sunday I’m preaching my very first sermon at the Nazarene church in Santa Rosa, CA.


Thank you!


In Christ and His love,




As I sat and asked the Lord what could I possibly say to a man who carries what you do... I was just filled with a gratitude and love, and I wanted you to know.

The love you share, the healing and kingdom that is released to so many through your sacrificing, the burden you carry day in and day out doesn’t go unnoticed by those who love and see what is happening in the Spirit.


I was reminded of the first time really felt ministered to. I remember you stopped and said you are shattered inside and the Lord is going to take the pieces and place them into a masterpiece. This was the first time someone outside of a very few in my close circle stopped and noticed me, saw my brokenness and spoke wholeness into me. I sat on the third row back in our church in the center section that day and thought maybe just maybe I would be ok one day.

The next time I remember an encounter was probably the first time corporately or personally I felt the Holy Spirit. I sat for over and hour and you just simply said, "Judy that’s what His Presence feels like". I was in awe. My stomach burned for days not in a bad way. Because my emotions had shut down from years of abuse I was unable to really feel anything and really didn’t even know I wasn’t.

Since then, I’ve received over and over personally and corporately from you and your ministry. I am not sure that words really say how thankful I am that God brought you into this world and that he allowed us a second chance to know and get to love you.

Praying you receive the fullness of all he has for you today and that no insecurity, doubt or lie would find a place to creep in as you so boldly and courageously put your whole self out on display for His Glory.

Love you Dan! You are a gift to the world! Happy Birthday!


Hey Danny, just wanted to let you know how much I love you and appreciate you! I also wanted to share with you a little testimony, that hopefully will encourage your heart this morning.

I came into the awakening services really beat up this year. For the past three or four months, I’ve been living under a cloud of discouragement and depression and no matter what I did, I couldn’t seem to shake it. It’s been so bad, I couldn’t remember the last time I had a good night’s sleep as my mind was filled with thoughts of failure and discouragement. It was so oppressive in nature that I knew it was an outright attack from the enemy, I prayed and had others pray for me to be freed from it, but for whatever reason, I couldn’t seem to break free.

But then on Thursday night, you prayed for those struggling with depression and discouragement. I didn’t really feel anything immediately, but that night, I slept like a baby! And I have every night since. None of my circumstances have changed, but the weight has been lifted!

I want to give praise to Jesus, but also thank you for being faithful to him. I know your call is not an easy one, I can’t imagine being on the road the number of days that you are. But from just one of many, whom God has blessed through you, I want to say thank you! I love you... honor you.. and bless you in the name of Jesus! Praying you have an awesome Sunday!