Terry & Melissa Wright -Worship / Administration / Media

The Wrights have been on the road full-time as a family ministry for 8 years. They sing, play, pray, and preach the message that living for Jesus is an everyday relationship. Terry and Melissa desire to bring unity to the local community; to establish a larger footprint for the Kingdom of God through intentional partnering and prayer, resulting in a true, ongoing transformational revival of God’s Church, the body of Christ.

Terry is the Director of Media Services for DBMA, and Melissa is our Executive Assistant.

Terry & Melissa Wright
Worship / Administration / Media

Watch this short introduction video from Terry and Melissa Wright, as they share a brief vision of what the ForeRunner Ministry looks like.

To Schedule Terry & Melissa Wright Contact:
Jim Williams, (405) 615-4165 or email: jimwilliams@danbohiministries.com