R.E.N.E.W.  -A Prayer Technique

Read the Bible before you pray, and ask the Lord to speak to you through His word.


2. Journal as you read the word and pray, to keep your thoughts in order and minimize distractions, and so you’ll have a written record of what He speaks to you and how He answers.


3. Set a date with the Lord for this time every day, and then keep the appointment!

R-Rekindle your love for Him: Praise and Worship the Lord and Thank Him. Lavish Him with your love and gratitude.


E-Empty yourself: This is where you repent, ask the Lord to search you for any sin, stumbling block or separation that may be known or unknown. Crucify your flesh and give up your personal agenda and agree with His will.


N-Notice God’s Word: Thank the Lord for speaking to you through His word, and acknowledge how it has or can be applied to your life.


E-Enter in to His Presence: This is becoming quiet before the Lord and asking Him to speak to you. Quiet yourself and write down what you hear Him saying.


W-Worship in Intercession: This is where you make your requests to the Lord and  petition and intercede.