Candid Conversations about Ministry Essentials 
Dan Bohi and Dr. Rob McCorkle believe that the gospel is not a benign creed void of supernatural power, and neither do they believe it’s incapable of fully redeeming the human heart from all sin.


Their belief inspired a three hour interview where Dan candidly shared his personal journey that has included a wide range of ministry experiences.


With honesty and humility they discussed:
• God’s calls to ordinary people to do extraordinary things
• Miraculous stories, divine encounters  and supernatural manifestations
• The place for God-called apostles and prophets in the Holiness movement
• The ministries of healing and impartation
• Hindrances to revival and how to sustain a kingdom culture

This book will inspire you and challenge your traditional thinking with profound biblical insights, and hopefully cause you to live and teach a message of holiness and healing.

Book - Holiness and Healing

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