Worship or Worry?

The enemy is having a great time distracting many folks including myself. We have a couple of options: Either we praise God and fill our mind with His Word, or we continue to listen to the enemy's lies and let our distractions lead to despair.

We can worship or worry. Worship leads to faith but worry leads to depression. We can declare God's word or entertain the devil's lies.

The truth is, we’re either growing in faith or drifting into deception. God has equipped us with everything we need to win the battle of the mind. We must choose to believe the Truth instead of lies. We must choose to worship instead of worry.

In the end we will look back and see that it was in the struggles and trials that we grew the most and Grace did it’s most profound work.

Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks.

God is fighting for you. Jesus is praying for you. Holy Spirit is empowering you. It is literally impossible for you to be defeated, as long as you stay in Christ and keep believing.

You are never alone and the devil is always a liar.

I just want to encourage you--

It is worth the fight of faith that turns these momentary light afflictions into the Glory that we will live in, throughout eternity.

~Dan #becominglove

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