"Why Do I Do What I Do?"

Every now and then I have to take time to analyze why I do what I do. This isn’t always easy for me to discern. I’m talking about the why behind the what. The easiest answer would be, God called me to wake up the church of Jesus Christ, to the power, purity and freedom of the Spirit filled life and experienced and exhibited in the lives of the believers in the book of Acts. This is the correct answer but not the real why behind the what.

Why would I spend the last 11 years away from my wife and family, and cry myself to sleep more times than I want to admit because of heartbreak and loneliness? Why would I continue to love the folks who constantly criticize and slander me? Why would I do something that causes my precious wife so much heartache when she hears how people that call themselves Christian talk nothing but hate and judgment?

Why would I continue to preach and teach that everything in the Word of God especially the New Testament is supposed to be practiced and believed by all Christians? That God still heals and delivers and forgives and wants to sanctify and cleanse ever believers heart and life?

Why does Jesus truly want to baptize every believer with the Holy Spirit and Fire? Why do I ask myself why?

You see, pioneering is not as glamorous as the movies make it. When God asks you to wake up the church immediately, you must realize it needs to take place. This means obedience to the call causes resistance and pushback and criticism or it wouldn’t be necessary.

Pioneering is different that settling. Settlers get to benefit from the sacrifice of pioneers. In these past 11 years, I’ve met lots of pioneers trying to take new territory for the kingdom of God. I’ve also met many settlers who were trying to keep their homesteads nice and tidy. If there isn’t a pioneering spirit in you to long for the city whose architect and builder is God, then you need a vision adjustment. God’s kingdom is ever expanding.

Back to the question of why do I do what I do. It's because of Jesus and what He has done in me. I have to obey His desires. Every time I share that God wants to cleanse and purify and fill and empower people, they always respond with a "Yes, I want and need God to do this in me".

This morning on our Tuesday morning Revival Fire conference call, as over 500 people gathered together after I shared what the scripture says about sanctification, 39 people confessed their need and desire to respond to the Holy Spirit's call to be sanctified.

I do this, because if I don’t, I will die. I don’t have a choice. His love for me has captured my heart forever.

When I see a child of God humble themselves and pray and ask God to sanctify them through and through, the bride of Christ gets closer to the bridegroom's return.

So, to answer my question "why?":

I do what I do because of whose I am. I am His, and whatever He desires for me, I joyfully will obey. Jesus is my king. I love you Jesus. It’s all for you Jesus.

Now it’s back to my Theology book.

~Dan Bohi


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