Whose Voice?

As I sit and listen to my Heavenly Father this morning I am made aware of His overwhelming love. He is orchestrating things all the time even when I sleep. I’m glad He doesn’t let us know all the ways He is moving in our lives and actually using our lives for His glory. He knows when and where we need glimpses of His activity. He always gives us what we need.

This past Monday I turned 58. Over the next 48 hours I heard from so many people and was made aware that most of the perceptions I have of myself are not accurate. God really has a way of taking our simple obedience and using it to impact others for His glory.

I would like to encourage you this day to sit back and enjoy your relationship with Jesus. He is working in you a glory that we will not comprehend until we get to the other side of eternity. He is praying for you right now. The Holy Spirit is working in a million ways right now. The Father is smiling at you right now.

We have a good good Father. I just wanted to encourage you to never listen to the voices that lead you away from faith, and into fear. I have spent way too much time in my life listening to the wrong voice.

~Dan Bohi #becomingLove

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