Whose Kingdom Are We Fighting For?

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

All the way through the Bible, I never see demons fighting each other. In fact they are so regimented, that when asked, they answer, we are legion because we are many. They are inseparable in their approach. They are as thick as thieves. They don’t have a strategy that doesn’t include unity. In fact, they are so unified, that when one sins, 1/3 of all angels follow all the way from heaven, as their starting point.

They always want to occupy regions and territories. They are strategic in everything they do. They never stop, and they continually obey their leader, knowing that their reward is hell.

Why is it that Christians are so divided? Why is it so hard to be unified and keep serving when we know that our reward is JESUS and heaven? How can we so easily be convinced that regions are not worth fighting for? Why do we, the body of Christ, continually fight and complain when it gets tough?

We should be far more devoted to the cause of Christ and His kingdom, than the demons are to Satan and his kingdom.

"Holy Spirit, come and revive us. Cause us to burn in passionate unending love for Jesus. Give us an overcoming, persevering spirit I pray. Give us eyes to see the great fallacy of our bickering among our ranks. Let us discern how this so weakens us as believers, and at the same time, gives some much needed encouragement to the demonic realm. Give all of us an eternal perspective I pray."

~Dan Bohi


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