True Revival

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

Miracles and healings won’t bring in revival. Great worship won’t bring in revival. Great prayer won’t bring in revival. Large crowds won’t bring revival. Great preaching won’t bring in a revival. Making disciples won’t bring in revival. Acts of kindness and social justice won’t bring in revival.

These are all necessary but they are not the thing that will bring revival.

The one thing that will usher in a revival is when the people of God will put into practice 2 Chronicles 7:14. The key to revival is God's people turning from their wicked ways.

Confession of sin, repentance of lifestyle. Believing that The blood of Jesus will and does cleanse of all unrighteousness. Receiving by faith the sanctifying work of Spirit. Being empowered by the baptism in the Holy Spirit. Living holy lives of love. Seeking no personal agendas. Living our lives for one purpose and that is for the Glory of God.

When the church gets honest about its lack of power; When she acknowledges her lack of holiness and conviction; When she repents and humbles herself-- THEN God will answer by fire;

Hearts will be purified;

Relationships will be restored;

Honor and humility will begin to rule the day.

God is waiting on us. We are the only ones who can bring a true revival.

I’m praying that you will join our prayer.

I'm praying for God to have mercy and send conviction like we have never known.

I’m praying that we the church will humble ourselves.

~Dan #Becominglove

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