The Word & The Spirit

I’m thinking about the division in the church today. For a few years, I have thought about the divorce between the Word and the Spirit. Between purity and power; between holiness and healing. But in recent days I’ve been reminded of the division between what some say is the crisis theology of entire sanctification, and what others call the process theology of sanctification. I have listened to arguments on both sides. I believe it is time to stop fighting for one side or the other.

We must die to sin and totally consecrate ourselves to God. We must obey Him and ask Him to cleanse us of all sin and fill us with His Spirit. We must offer ourselves as living sacrifices to Him and be crucified with Christ.

We also must die to our self daily. • We must continually be filled with the Holy Spirit.

• We must walk in step with the Spirit. • We must stay in the light as He is in the light.

• We must love Him with our whole being and love our neighbors as ourselves.

• We must pursue peace with all men.

• We must take up our cross daily.

• We must continually practice His presence.

• We must live each day as if it is a gift from God with great thanksgiving and rejoicing for the opportunity to shine brightly for Him.

So why the fight between a crisis moment of cleansing and a lifestyle of purity and pure love to God and man? We must have both. You have to wake up to be awake. You have to take a breath of air to start breathing. Your heart needs to first beat before it starts beating. You need to walk through the door before you're in the room. You have to get married to live married.

The correct teaching on sanctification is, you must be obedient to the word of God from the moment you're born again, until take your last breath. Obedience is God's love language. And God is all about us being Holy in love.

God so loved the world that He gave us His Son. Now we must love Him the same way, by giving Him ourselves. Love is the highest and greatest attainment. Oh to be like Him. Perfect in love.

"Holy Spirit, continue to call all of your children to perfect love -- To wholehearted obedience. -- To intimacy in our relationship with Christ -- To fellowship with each other until we all grow up to the full measure and stature of Christ. Make us one, as You and the Father are one. Set us free from all sin. Fill our hearts with perfect love. Baptize us with Holy Spirit and Fire. Let your powerful presence rest on each of us until the whole world knows how much you love them and want them because of the life they see each of us living. Send a mighty revival of purity and power manifest in Your church. Let all our motives be perfected in love, so nothing but the Glory of Your Name would be lifted up and magnified in the earth Jesus."

Humbly submitted by a son who is endeavoring to live this out loud~

Dan Bohi


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