The Way of Love

When the church had the most power and the most miracles and the most sacred fellowship, it was the most marginalized and the most persecuted. The first century church started with 120, at the time the Roman Empire had 60,000,000. The odds were 1 in 400,000 were Christian.

When I read material from the historians who talked about this wave of Spirit-led, impoverished, and martyred Christians, the one common theme they come up with is that they walked in such supernatural solidarity with God-- and each other, and they walked in Spiritual fervor and miraculous power.

Jesus said we would receive power when the Holy Spirit came on us. This isn’t power to make our lives easier, but it is power to make His name famous through the demonstrations of His love, and power in the lives of those we come in contact with.

In reading books like "Evangelical Recession", at first glance you feel discouraged at the thought that 10% of the American church is leaving every year. But with a deeper look and understanding, this might be the beginning of a true revival.

For the longest time, this American form of Christianity was anything but a call to self-abandonment to all of one's personal rights. It hasn’t been a radical call to death to self and personal agendas and a total abandonment to the purposes and plans of Gods purposes. I believe the church is on the verge of its finest hour, because trying to appeal to the carnal affections, and entertaining people to obtain greater influence in the culture we live in, is failing.

The way of love is the way that never fails. I believe the Holy Spirit is calling us back to the way it was in the beginning. The way it was when those who embarked on this journey with Christ, knew it would cost them everything-- and they didn’t care, because their love for Jesus trumped every other love.

Christianity is not about self-promotion or an easier, better life. It’s about giving up your life so Christ can live His life in and through you, and use you for His Glory to reconcile and redeem the entire world back to Himself.

If we will keep praying, and keep believing, and keep serving, and keep preserving-- this greatest move of God's Spirit is right at the door. This could be the year.

We must be willing to give up our lives, and follow and obey JESUS no matter what the cost.

These are my thoughts from this morning's time with Jesus. The pain and anguish that so many in ministry are experiencing is good pain. It’s the birth pangs that will usher us into our greatest time.

It’s going to end like it began.

~Dan Bohi #becominglove

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