The Value of Time

I was talking to Jesus this morning and He asked me, "How much do you want me?."

I responded "more than anything."

He asked me if I would give Him the first 3 hours of every day in communion with Him.

I said "I can’t because I lose my train of thought." He then proceded to say, "you watch football, and soccer, and basketball, and movies, and have no trouble with your attention span. How much do you want me?"

I’ve always struggled with how to pray long segments of time. I have given myself to the Word and have read the Old Testament 82 times, the New Testament 250 times, and the gospels over 300 times. I always have God on my mind, and I just considered that that was my praying without ceasing.

I am now committing my first 3 hours to listening and talking to The Father.

I want to know Him and the power of the resurrection.

There are so many tragedies and hurting people. I must have Him and know Him.

I have never been more desperate for Him. I long to see a great revival sweep our nation and the nations.

How about you? How much do you want Him?

-Dan #becominglove

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