The Awakening Conference: What's It All About?

Updated: Dec 3, 2018

When I think about The Awakening Prayer Conference and all that’s transpired over the last several days, my heart is flooded with joy. Some may ask what’s it all about? At the core of this movement there is one main theme. All those in attendance believe that God has more He wants to do in this world and that if we will meet Him on His terms with desperate humble hungry hearts, He will pour out His manifest presence in our midst.

It’s like coming to a family reunion buts it’s deeper than human ties. It awakens our spirits to the fellowship of eternity past. We sense something or someone who has always wanted this but we never fully understood when or where to find it. At first some are afraid others are extremely analytical while some just sit in awe and wonder.

What happens when we check our preconceived notions and personal agendas and just pursue Jesus this is where the miracle of true fellowship happens. Love abounds. Offense and bitterness and fear and all other hindrances start melting away. The end result is unity in the spirit. Everyone truly cares for each other. Burdens are shared and carried. Vulnerability becomes normal transparency becomes contagious and in the midst of all of this we all start realizing this is heaven on earth. This is eternal life. God is with us and is making us one with Him and with each other.

A few of the added blessings are that in this atmosphere miracles of healing and deliverance and redemption seem to come easier. Christ call to Holiness and purity of heart are readily accepted and experienced. Sin and sickness are destroyed and peace that passes understanding consumes all in attendance.

If I could, I would bring everyone I love to this annual gathering. Words cannot adequately describe it, but it is truly an Awakening. I honor Corey Jones, Beth Ann Jones, Chad Jones, the entire Crossroads staff and volunteers, Dr. Rob McCorkle, and all of the speakers, including our entire team and everyone who made an effort to be in attendance.

God is so pleased with all of you. We are family.

Dan Bohi - #becomingLove

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