That Was THEN; This is NOW

To say that last year was a year of testing wouldn’t portray all that transpired in our ministry.

Here are a few of the things that happened in 2019:

• 2 of our team members suffered strokes;

• 1 team member had a stent put in;

• 1 battled cancer;

• 1 of our team had to have a pacemaker put in;

• Another had to have a heart monitor implant;

• 1 developed shingles;

• 1 of our team members is having to learn to walk again;

• 2 team members sold their homes;

• 2 team member's parents fell and sustained severe damage;

• 2 of our team members lost a parent;

• Several of our team member's families have struggled with physical illness and disappointment in expected healings;

• Several of our members have had children that have faced severe struggles;

• Now we have some that are having to move because of impairments.

Now here we are in 2020.

We as a team just gathered in Olathe on January 6th for 5 days to wait on the Lord. We didn’t have an agenda, but we did have a hunger to really hear and see what Jesus wanted to share with us.

We didn’t know what to expect but we were not disappointed.

We had 39 pastors and many different hungry people show up from 22 states. We even had several from other countries show up.

We had over 250 people that participated in The Waiting during some or all of the sessions. What we experienced is hard to describe. There were times of confession and times of repentance. There was much praise and spontaneous worship.

We experienced the joy of the Lord. We experienced deep times of intercession. We heard specific words of knowledge and different messages from God's word. There were times of silence and stillness and there were times of impartation where people received fresh fillings of the Holy Spirit.

Many people testified to being healed physically. Many prayed and testified to experiencing the sanctifying work of the Spirit. Strongholds were torn down. Unity in the spirit was achieved. Encouraging love was felt by everyone. Every time we would gather, everyone in one accord would say "let’s wait some more".

When we finally said the last "Amen!" 22 pastors signed up wanting to have a time of waiting in their town. We as a team and everyone else in attendance all agreed that we had experienced what Jesus has been wanting for a long time.

He has just wanted some folks to come away and just be with Him so he could share His heart with us individually and corporately. We are forever changed by this time together that we called The Waiting.

I believe 2020 is a year where the children of God are going to be hungrier than ever before to just be with Jesus -- To be His friend and to enjoy talking with Him about everything..

He is our agenda. He is our obsession. He is our vision. He is our passion. We believe this will be a year like never before because it’s all about Jesus.

May God richly bless you.

May your hunger for Him grow and grow until nothing else will compete with our one desire.

We as a team love you all and pray regularly for you.

~Dan Bohi & Team #becominglove

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