Sanctification & Restoration

“Sanctification” in its broadest sense begins when God’s prevenient grace awakens us to our need of a Savior. We then confess our sins and repent and are justified where we are no longer guilty of our sins. We are then regenerated into new and eternal life and we are adopted into the family of God.

This grace continually calls us to deeper consecration and surrender until by faith, our hearts are purified by the blood of Jesus and we are sanctified and filled with the Holy Spirit. This then, results in a rapid growth in maturity and sensitivity to the things of The Spirit. We are now being restored back to the “image of God” that we lost due to Adam’s sin, but it is now made a present possibility because of the sacrifice of Christ on the cross.

We then continually grow in grace and maturity until at the end of this human experience, we finally see what Christ saw in us all along: that is, we are like Him in this lifetime. We then are resurrected with a new glorified body and join the host of myriads of Angels and millions of fellow believers in continuous worship of our king JESUS.

To think of “sanctification “ in such broad terms is almost to do this precious work wrought by God’s Grace a disservice. It makes it something that seems too grand and too big that it might be hard to find childlike faith to appropriate this in our individual lives.

We must see this restoration of the image of God in us as the reason for our salvation. We must believe that wherever we find ourselves in the process of our sanctification, that Gods Grace is ready and able to bring us into this grand journey of being restored back to the original intention of man on the earth.

Will you let Him sanctify you? Will you trust Him to do what He has been desiring to do in you since before He created the heavens and the earth? Will you let Him destroy sin’s power in and over you? Will you let Him fill you with perfect love, so you can love Him and others like He does?

I’m praying for a revival like the world has never known— One where the entire body of Christ will be be made just like Christ is.

These are my thoughts this afternoon from my hotel room in Princeton, Indiana.

~Dan Bohi


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