Past Events vs Present Faith

I’ve been thinking about all the churches I’ve been able to minister in this past 10 years.

I’ve come to a conclusion, that the culture of faith and practices in most churches have been shaped by major events in their past. It could be good or bad events, but most folks have a faith that looks back.

If we would devote ourselves to prayer and the Word, our faith would look forward-- more than backwards. I’m not saying that remembering is bad at all. I’m just saying that the Word has more to say about what’s to come than what’s done already. God always saves the best for last.

I’m trying to live my life this way even though I sometimes let past events influence my present faith response. I know that the more of my time I give to Jesus, my faith in what the Word says becomes a greater reality.

I’m grateful that God has great patience and mercy for us. I want to live this life that acknowledges His reality over this temporary one every moment of every day.



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