One Pursuit

Praying and bible reading tend to dwindle in people if they miss the main reason for both of these spiritual disciplines.

The number one purpose to pray and study is to know Him. Not to gain more knowledge, although it’s not bad to do so. We don't read it to get answers for what we’re asking for, although this is important. We must get answers, and we must get understanding, but unless we get to know Him more intimately, we will never know enough or be satisfied enough.

Eternal life is to know Him. All praying and all study must begin and end with this purpose: "I want to know Christ."

If you know Him, then even when you don’t understand and the answers don’t come, you can still stand in faith and confidence that He will never leave you or forsake you.

I pray that your life will have one pursuit, and that is to know Him -- And to love Him.

~Dan Bohi


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