Old Wine Is Better Than No Wine

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

Old wine is better than no wine.

In this time of transition into the new thing Holy Spirit is trying to do, we must be wise to not exclude any part of the body of Christ.

The older generation likes the old wine and that’s not all bad considering the source of the old wine is the same vine that’s producing the new wine. Pastors and leaders must be discerning enough to serve both old and new.

Jesus said a good teacher would always offer new and old things. We must pray for our leaders to have the wisdom it takes to serve both old and new wine with patience until God has the opportunity to make us all into new wine skins.

One of the greatest evidences of the new wine skin will be when we give preference to the folks who have different views than us in order for the unity of the Spirit to take place.

Serving one another in Holy Love will mark the establishment of new wine skin leaders.

I am more and more convinced that God is far less concerned with our methods or styles of worship. What He is after is our hearts that reflect His love and character to each other.

I believe we needlessly have excessive pruning in our vineyards when we are always trying to change what only the presence of the Holy Spirit can.

Patience can’t be interrupted.



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