Giving My All

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

The areas of my life that I consider failures are the areas that Satan always points out to me. He uses them to accuse me and tell me I’m unqualified. Unqualified to minister. Unqualified to lead. Unqualified to make disciples. The list goes on and on.

If I wasn’t working on these areas it would not matter. But I am giving my all to become all that Jesus has planned for me to be. I am bringing these lies into the open.

The devil is a liar. I am going to be healthy. I am going to have the best marriage. I am going to be the best follower of Jesus so I can be a good leader. I don’t have to have everything perfect in my life to act in faith. In fact, walking in faith in the storm is greater faith anyway.

If you feel like isolating yourself and not sharing your troubles or pains or burden with others, usually it’s a sign that Satan has deceived you into believing the lie. His greatest weapon is fear that leads to us isolating ourselves.

We all need Jesus and each other. We need fellowship and community that leads to commitment that leads to vision that leads to destiny. If we all would come together in the unity of the Spirit nothing could stop us. I have personally spent way too much time in fear and doubt in my life concerning my own issues. I usually have great faith for others.

It’s time to start believing for myself as well. Just know that you are not alone. We need each other. My prayer is that the family of God would come together in compassion and love and carry each other’s burdens.

These are my honest thoughts and prayer this morning.

I’m a lot farther along in my faith journey than I used to be but I have along way to go.

Dan Bohi #Becominglove

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