Don't Shrink Back

The writer of the book of Hebrews is constantly encouraging the hearers to greater and deeper faith in Jesus Christ. He warns them over and over about the extreme danger of shrinking back and losing their faith. His audience was one that rejoiced In moments of persecution. They gladly had accepted the confiscation of their property and imprisonment because of their faith in Christ.

If people that were born in the fire of persecution need to be encouraged and reminded of the supremacy of Christ, how much more us of the western culture?

"Holy Spirit, please burn in our hearts the importance of constant communion and fellowship with Christ and His body. Don’t allow us to be lulled to sleep and lose the urgency of this hour. Give us a hunger for The Word of God like we’ve never had. Restore our first love for the first commandment. Have mercy on us as a nation. Have mercy on us as a church."

I look to you Jesus. I love you.

~Dan Bohi


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