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Updated: Aug 22, 2018


Last night after church (July 22, 2018) we went to Applebee’s and had a waitress named Izzy. We got a chance to pray with her and she got overwhelmed by the presence of Jesus, and she had to go to the restroom and call her mom.

This morning in our team prayer meeting, I had a vision. It was so real that I could smell what the place was like. I could hear and feel things.

I just now went out to get my haircut, and as Trena was cutting my hair, I knew she was ready to receive Christ. When we were ready to go, I asked her if she would step out front in the parking lot. She did and we prayed, and she wanted Jesus. She is 37 and her dad died when she was 3. When we were done praying she was just blessed and a little shaken.

I then went to the tire store to order some tires. It’s right next to our hotel. The manager who helped me was Sam. He had hurt his back 4 years ago and has been in pain the entire time. I asked him if I could pray for him. He then pulled his sleeve down and showed me his tattoo of a cross. He told me he was a Believer. I prayed and asked him to check his back. He said it was better. I asked if I could pray again. He then started bending over and said all the pain was gone. The other guy on the computer next to him was blown away. I had a chance to then share with them what we do.

11 days ago (July 12th, 2018) Jesus asked me how much I wanted Him. Since then, I’ve been getting up early and seeking Him. I want to know Him more than ever. I want to know His thoughts--I want to know His passion. I desire to be one with Him.

I am overwhelmed at the sensitivity I feel about the people all around us. God wills that none should perish. His desire is for everyone to come to know Him.

I’m grateful for how He is helping me and our team to slow down and see and hear better. We are so blessed.

I just know that we can have as deep and intimate a relationship with Him as we want.

~Dan Bohi


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