At Rest

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

Today as I’ve been meditating on the Word and praying, I’ve been made aware again of the most precious thing in this life. It’s the time where your soul is at rest and you can sense and commune with the Spirit of God with your spirit.

When Emanuel becomes a reality-- These moments can’t be purchased with money or time or being in a certain location. They come with an intentional waiting and focusing on the Lord.

In my personal life, getting to the place where my spirit fellowships with Jesus is the hardest part of my faith journey. I don’t struggle with reading the word or ministering to congregations but I struggle with being still and resting. I long to be with Him but at times feel like I need to be doing something instead of resting and abiding.

I don’t struggle with wanting to sin. I hate sin and its consequences. I don’t struggle with fear. I don’t struggle with trust, because God has been so faithful.

If I could have anything in the world It would be this: I would like to find a way to get into the state of mind where I am at rest and my mind doesn’t wander-- it is focused on Jesus. And to be able to abide in this place and absorb all that it is that He wants to tell me.

The most precious commodity on earth is this: The place where He and I become one and commune and fellowship with no interruptions.

I want to know Christ.

Oh how I love Him. Oh how I adore Him. Oh how I long for His appearance.

Dan Bohi #Becominglove

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