All Things Are Possible

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

Sometimes I really wrestle with what is the best way to cooperate with God, in His desires to be made known in the earth. I often wonder why we often pray, for what Jesus simply told us to do. Would we be better served by teaching the church to believe that they have what the Word says, instead of asking God in prayer for it?

In knowing that Holiness of heart and life is the desire of our Holy God, are we to always preach for this experience? Knowing that so many Christians struggle with emotional problems do we focus on this, and their deliverance? Realizing that so many suffer with sickness, do we focus on healing?

I really believe that the crisis in the Western church, is that most Christians don’t believe from the heart what the Word of God says. So the question arises: Do we need more teaching or do we need more praying? Obviously we need both.

The real question is: What will bring the presence of God in such a powerful way that we will once again hold the Word of God in high esteem? That we will bend our will to God's will? That we will walk by faith and not by sight? That we will no longer doubt but believe that with God all things are possible?

I long to see Jesus. I hunger and thirst for His righteousness.

I want to see the Glory of the Lord. I am doing all that I know to do.

I’m hopeful that God is longing to pour out a mighty sweeping revival across our land again.

~Dan #Becominglove

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