All Things Are Possible

10 years ago today I didn’t know what and how I was going to make it in life. The housing market had collapsed, all that Debbie Owens Bohi and I had ever known was gone. We were seeking the will of the Lord for our lives. I had just finished reading through the entire Bible in 2 weeks, trying to hear the word of the Lord for our future. I was afraid, yet trusting Him. I was uncertain, yet somehow knew He had a plan.

In Wyoming, I pulled into a gas station on Interstate 80, and when I hung up the pump I heard the Lord speak these words: (It wasn’t audible but it was clear) - He said “I want you to wake up the church of Jesus Christ, to the power, purity and freedom of the Spirit filled life.” 

I didn’t know how this could be, since I had no education--I didn’t know how to preach. I didn’t know hardly anyone. I knew it was Him so I came home and started having prayer meetings.

In a few weeks, the phone rang and it was a pastor wanting a revival, and could I come and speak. I said yes and the meeting led to another. Then another. Then somehow I was asked to speak across the Dakota district in 10 days with Dr Jim Kraemer. Then the door opened for me to do 43 different district revivals, 18 camp meetings, and now more than 1000 churches. I still have no idea how The Lord did all this.

I have experienced many highs and many lows. Many joys and many sorrows. Many victories and many defeats. We have made many friends and have had many critics. Loneliness has been my most frequent companion.

God has given us the greatest ministry team on earth. Daniel Ketchum, Carol Ketchum, Craig Wesley Rench, Jim Williams, Jay Jellison, Judy Jellison, Hal Perkins, Debbi Mottram Perkins, Terry Wright, Melissa Joy Wright, Brett Wright, Haley Bohi, Larry Knight, Rob McCorkle and Cindy McCorkle.

The Lord has led us through many things and we have learned that we can always trust the Lord. I now am finishing Pauline epistles and getting ready to start my next course of study class. I’m on course 12.

I realize now that I know a few things but not nearly as much as I used to think I did.

One thing is for certain: Jesus is still the only answer.

And prayer and making disciples are the two greatest things we can do to advance the cause of Christ in the earth.

In conclusion I have to say, that of all the things God has taught me, the greatest revelation is that He wants me and all of us to become love.

Love is the greatest. Love never fails.

I’m living each day aware that on my own this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.

God bless all of our friends and partners that are walking with us in this journey of faith.

It is worth it all.  ~Dan Bohi #becomingLove

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