Level A: 30 minutes each day for Bible Reading and Prayer   

  • Bible Reading (about 15 minutes) 

    • Matthew 1, Acts 1, Psalm 1-2, Genesis 1-3. 

    • If helpful and able, underline or mark your Bible, or highlight  in your electronic Bible.

    • After reading today’s passages, respond to Jesus by speaking or writing:  “Lord Jesus … “ (then talk to this Real Person, who is listening, about what you believe He has said to you through His Word.)  

  • Prayer (about 15 minutes)  

    • Dialogue with Jesus about one of the five Discipled by Jesus questions each day, plus a few minutes to finish with Question 5.

    • Saturday, Dec. 1:  you choose which of the 5 Discipled by Jesus questions you most need to work on (see Level C below,  Prayer,  for a list of all 5 questions). 

    • Brief Question 5:  Thank Jesus in advance (work toward authentically believing) for helping you (and others) to walk as He walked today – 1 John 2:6, and for caring for your temporal needs (and others) who are seeking first His Kingdom.  Matt. 6:33 

  • Fasting: One meal each week giving that time to pray (usually intercede for that which Jesus wants to change).  Is this meal on your calendar yet?

  • Compassionate Ministry 

    • Have you sensed what you (with or without others) have been called to do this month to specially care for someone(s) with very special needs?  

    • If you have done what you believe the Lord has called you to do, what good can you see or anticipate coming from this ministry?

*One time introductory note on Discipled by Jesus Prayer Plan, Level A
On Monday, Level A works on Discipled By Jesus Question 1;
On Tuesday,  DBJ Q2;
On Wednesday,  DBJ Q3;
On Thursday,  DBJ Q4;
On Friday, DBJ Q5.

On Saturday, we recommend Level A work 15 minutes on the DBJ question that is most challenging or difficult for you. Since today is Saturday, Dec. 1, and this is probably your first exposures to the 5 Discipled by Jesus questions, look below at Level C, Prayer  and select ONE of the 5 questions to work on today.  SIMPLY SELECT ONE OF THE FIVE QUESTIONS LISTED BELOW UNDER LEVEL C AND GIVE IT A TRY. In the future, you can evaluate the DBJ question you most need to strengthen in your talk and walk with Jesus.   


Each Sunday, we recommend that Level A ask the Lord which of the 5 DBJ questions He would like you to work on with Him, thus practicing being guided by His Spirit.  


We recommend leaving a few minutes to finish with brief work on Question 5 (prayer of faith: Do you believe?) every day.  On Fridays, spend the entire 15 minutes working on Q5 (Do you believe?).