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Jesus’ life can best be described as a life of PRAYER. As Jesus’ disciples, we also are committed to praying continually. Almost everyone needs much more than being taught to be like Jesus; we need to be trained. Hal and Debbi Perkins are parents of 4 adult disciples of Jesus, each of which is in full time ministry. While pastoring 41 years, Hal and Debbi prioritized being discipled by Jesus, helping their children and willing church attendees to be discipled by Jesus, and helping these become disciplemakers. For the last 7 years they have provided over 60 conferences per year on disciplemaking for churches and districts.

Hal & Debbi Perkins
Discipleship / "Discipled by Jesus"

Watch this short introduction video from Hal & Debbi Perkins as they share a brief vision of what the "Discipled by Jesus" ministry looks like.

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Here are some solutions for an ongoing problem for Pastors!


Question:  What is one of the greatest problems facing pastors today? How do we move laity from the pew to ministry?


We have found that many pastors would answer: my greatest problem is moving my church to a GREAT COMMISSION church.  If we could give you the answer to that simple question would you be interested?  I hope so!  


Hal Perkins says: To be Jesus’ disciple is to know Him through formal prayer, and to increasingly follow Him in public through informal prayer.  The result… becoming increasingly like Him, from the center out, with the ability to reproduce Him by informally and formally making disciples of Him. 


If a pastor can disciple a few, and then coach to disciple others, he will be fulfilled in ministry regardless of the size or growth of the church, to say nothing of actually obeying Jesus. The big question is clear:  Do you know how to make Christlike disciples and disciplemakers?  


Teaching is a necessary ingredient, but it is not totally sufficient.  Training and testing are also required to make disciples of Jesus who are growing as doers of the Word. 


Most churches have a few who are willing to be trained and tested to grow as doers of the Word.  They can be found, discipled (trained and tested) and turned into disciplemakers who are empowered to fine and disciple both the lost and the found which will result in disciples who make disciples which will multiply the quality of your ministry. 


Jesus promised He would build His church if we will obediently make authentic disciples. 


Preaching, worshipping and teaching (the primary activities of the church) are necessary, but far from sufficient.  Discipling is much more than this.  Discipling includes teaching, training and testing. Jesus demonstrated all three qualities as he made disciples. 


Training:  Training involves hearing for sure, but it also includes being tested on what was heard.  Testing is accountability for what has been taught and for action steps that have been committed to be done about what has been taught. 


Training and testing is necessary for lay persons to move beyond being hearers to being doers of the Word, especially when they are trying to change habits and schedules. While we are willing to be taught, we seldom are willing to be trained and tested. When we are trained and obedient to His commission, we will be empowered to gather and disciple others to become disciples who make disciples. 


If you are interested in more information and how your church can become a disciplemaking church who makes disciples, contact Hal and Debbi Perkins, or Executive Director Jim Williams:  Phone: 405-615-4165 - Email:


Questions and Options for Making Disciples:


1. Do you want your people to: 

a.  better care for and better disciple their families?  

b.  care for and adopt a few in church to help grow up in Jesus?

c.  connect with, care for and serve unchurched and lost people?

2. More basically, do you want your people to:  

a.  See Jesus at work daily? 

b.  Hear Jesus speak regularly?

c.  Love Jesus enough to deny themselves and care for others?  

d.  Believe Jesus for a holy heart, a holy life, and temporal needs being met?

3. Do you want these people to disciple others in all the above? 

4. Do you know how to do any or all of this?


5. Are you willing to patiently make disciples of Jesus? 


Option 1: You can by whatever means seek to get them to attend a meeting to be discipled by Jesus – in private and in public. 


(Example: With humility and honor for congregation, teach John 21 not as whip or ought, but for those who actually do love Jesus.  


Ask your church:

  • Do you love Jesus, that is, do you truly care about Him enough to care about what He wants?

  • To do some things for Him?

    If so, Jesus has told us what He wants if we love Him: out of raw committed love for Him, commit to obeying Him (in every known way) and commit to caring for and feeding His lambs and sheep (John 21).  We will help you.


a. At this meeting, we make specific weekly commitments to empower Jesus to care for us, and to specifically care better for family members, specifically care for at least one Christian, and to specifically care for at least one lost person … all because of love for Jesus

b. Be prayed for by group throughout the week as caring for (maybe starting to feed) lambs and sheep

c. Report God’s progress (good things that happened) to group each week

d. Repeat and grow in 1-3 (until way of life) … progress in these priorities


6. OPTION 2:  IF DO NOT KNOW HOW TO START, OR WHAT TO DO, WE CAN HELP YOU.  HAL AND DEBBI WILL COME!  You can request more information in the CONTACT section of this website, or at the information below.


7. Why do you want this?  Search your own heart.  Love for Jesus?  Love for families, church, lost?


8. You will find resources that will help you understand and implement Jesus command to go and make disciples in our resource section of this website. 


To schedule Hal and Debbi Perkins: Phone: 509-305-2758 - Email: