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The Discipleship Covenant


This is the main page that you will access on a regular basis for The Discipleship Covenant.

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I Made it Here...Now What?

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Listen to previously recorded conference calls with Hal Perkins

Short videos with daily disciplines and tasks related to The Discipleship Covenant.

Videos to help you grow in your journey with Jesus, and how to help others along the way!

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Quick-Start Guide (do these first)

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STEP ONE: Register Your Disciple(s)

Registering and keeping track of your Disciples helps us to provide encouragement and accountability to all who are involved in The Discipleship Covenant process.

STEP TWO: Choose A Reading Plan


There are 3 different levels of ADULT reading plans, designed to help you read the Old Testament once, and at least one time through the New Testament in 9 months.

Choose one that best suits your desired level of commitment to daily reading.

Choose from 2 different Children's reading plans. These are less demanding, and will introduce your children to the greatest Bible stories over a 9-month period. 

STEP THREE: Review Lifestyle Disciplines

Lifestyle Disciplines are daily practices we engage in, in order to grow in our personal relationship with the Lord.

NEW CALL RECENTLY ADDED BY DEBBI PERKINS- Hal and Debbi Perkins lead weekly conference calls on how to be a better disciple of Jesus so we can help others do the same. View the call schedule, instructions, & listen to previously recorded calls on this page.

For Pastors and Lay Leaders

We have created 10 Sermon Starter Ideas from each week’s Bible Reading Plan for you to use as possible ideas for that week's Sermon.

Use the links below for tips about reading plans, disciplines, downloads, etc.


STEP FOUR: Call in / Listen to Recordings

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