We believe that children can be vitally engaged with God’s Word! Obviously, if your child is too young to read you will need to read to them. But, if your child can read they can learn to read God’s Word and they can be taught and trained to listen to the Spirit’s Voice speaking to them through the Word of God.


As we have tried to listen to the Lord regarding the Children’s Track for the Discipleship Initiative we have felt led to approach our children with a different objective than for adults and older youth.  


With adults and older youth we are encouraging them to systematically and faithfully read through the entire Bible in the course of 9 months. We have developed three different levels of reading that is outlined on other pages on our website. You can find them HERE.


For children our objective is NOT to simply get them to read the Biblical texts and go through the whole Bible in 9 months.  Rather, we have felt led to have the children be introduced to the greatest Bible stories over a 9 month period. To that aim we want to present 2 possible options or tracks from which you can choose one for your child.


This means that there are large hunks of Scripture — the ones that are not narrative or story-telling in nature — that we do not have the child cover at all. These portions of Scripture would include Leviticus, large parts of Numbers, Deuteronomy (since that is a re-telling of the laws and stories of God’s people that occurred earlier), the Wisdom Literature, the Chronicles, the Prophets, the Epistles and the genealogies. Again, our purpose was not to just have them read Scripture straight through but it was to have our children acquainted with the greatest Bible stories of all time.


If you want to have your child read the totality of God’s Word in 9 months and you think that they are old enough and accomplished enough in reading comprehension to read the whole Bible through then have them use the “Level A” Reading Plan that is outlined in our Bible Reading Plan page.


For those who want their children to know and understand the greatest Bible stories of all time we offer two options:


Option #1 - Using A Standard Bible
On our website under the title “Children’s Bible-Only Reading Plan” you will find daily readings in Scripture for each month of January through September — 28 days a month.  (9 months x 28 days a month = 252 stories)


These stories are laid out in chronological order from Creation to Paul’s ministry in Rome found in the last chapter of Acts. Each reading may be a few verses of Scripture up to 45 verses or so for each day depending on the length of the story.



Option #2 - Using the Kingstone Bible

This is an exciting option that we are thrilled to introduce to you. This reading plan features the “Kingstone Bible - 3 Volume Set.” To use this option you will need to purchase the Kingstone Bible set. This is not a cheap option but your child is worth it!  We have found these sets online for $49.99 for the 3-Volume Set. This series is outstanding. By reading 8 pages a day your child will go through the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation — in comic book form in 9 months! 

Kingstone Vol 1.png

Volume I

Kingstone Vol 3.png

Volume II

Kingstone Vol 2.png

Volume III

The art work is incredible and breath-taking. This set covers every major Bible story. Even seasoned Bible readers will run across stories in this set that they are not familiar with. At the bottom of each colorful page is the Biblical references from which the pictures and dialogue is drawn. This set gives attention to every Bible book and it goes into fantastic details in the drawings.  


No children’s Bible hardly ever mentions Job for example. But the Kingstone Bible will devote 40 powerful pages to this phenomenal story. There are almost 2,000 comic book style pages in this colorful, imaginative set. Your 5th and 6th graders will be saying “WOW!” at the sight of so many of these pages. And that is the response of every adult who has looked at even just a few pages of this set.  


The Kingstone people have done an incredible job on this massive work. Adults as well as children will learn so much about every major Bible character and every story in the Bible. The Kingstone Bible will give pages and coverage to every Bible book, including the Epistles, the Wisdom Literature, all the Prophetic books and an extensive treatment of the Book of Revelation. You will not soon forget how the talented artists depict the visions and revelations of the last book of the Bible!


If you wanted to give your child a love for God’s Word and an unforgettable encounter with the Bible you simply cannot beat this amazing tool.  


Now to be honest, some of the graphics are very graphic! It may be too much for the youngest children. You will need to read ahead and decide if your children are mature enough to handle some of the realistic comic pictorials and portrayals of the plagues, the boils of Job, the judgments of Revelation, etc. There are some portions you may want to skip with your younger children. Personally we know 7-11 year olds that love this set and can’t wait to see what happens next in the stories.  


We have created 252 readings of 8 pages a day that will help your child go through all 3 Volumes in 9 months. 8 pages of comic book reading doesn’t take too long.  


This is an excellent resource that can be used in children’s church, bed-time readings, and small groups of children. Your children will want to look at the pictures and read the stories again and again!


You will be able to find the daily readings in the Kingstone Bible set on our web page under the title: “Children’s Bible Reading Plan — Kingstone Bible.”


This resource is also a great gift to adults who are new to the Bible or who are virtually non-readers.  They will love the thrilling visual graphics and they will learn the stories of the Bible and God’s story of His dealings with His people.


Please check out this amazing set of books.  Our family loves them!  They are a real treasure!