There are 5 Questions that are used to help us HEAR, SEE, and GROW in our time and relationship with Jesus.


1. "Who do you say that I am?"
This is a conversation with Jesus about His NATURE -- About who YOU say He is.


2. “Do you understand what I have done?”

We talk with Jesus about how we have recognized Him at work in the last 24 hours.


3. “Are you listening to me?”

This is a conversation about what He has spoken to me through His written Word (Bible reading).


4. “Do you truly love me more than these?”

I get to share with Jesus, my love for Him.


5. “Do you believe?”

This is a conversation about my faith in Him to empower me to be like Him; to be holy as He is holy; to do what He did; and I express my confidence in Him to meet all my needs.